Timothy’s Biography


Timothy was born with a creative spirit, an inquisitive mind and a quiet, introspective soul. As a child, he was always creating and tinkering, loosing himself for hours in imaginary worlds created from whatever he found around him.

Timothy graduated from SUNY Brockport in 1991 with a degree in art studio and elementary education. After spending several years pursuing the life as a professional artist, Timothy took a long sabbatical from art to pursue the spiritual and healing modalities of yoga and acupuncture. This exploration of Eastern spiritual traditions and the energetic systems of the human body guide his visual explorations in his current work.

After moving to Asheville in 2004, Timothy slowly began creating art again. After a 20-year absence, it took a lot of time, patience and practice to re-learn his painting skills and techniques. Timothy has been painting in his studio in Asheville, North Carolina’s vibrant River Arts District since 2011.