Geometry Brain

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Year: 2014
Size: 12″ x 12″
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel

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This painting is for sale.
Price: $250
Please contact Timothy to arrange for payment and delivery.

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The triangle is one of the most powerful and universal symbols in sacred geometry. The Triangle represents the threefold nature of the universe, body-mind-spirit, and the mystical energy of these three creates dynamic action. In yoga, a downward pointing triangle represents Shakti, the energy of the divine feminine, as well as spiritual knowledge, creative power and the element of water. An upward pointing triangle represents Shiva, the energy of the divine masculine, as well as spiritual aspiration, the element of fire and .  Shiva symbolizes pure consciousness. Triangles are a common element in yantras, yogic geometric designs used in meditation and inner exploration.

I had been blocked on developing this painting for a while and decided to start over and paint over the brown face. Something stopped me from completely covering the face with the light green paint, and then I spontaneously painted the dark green triangles on top.  After much reflection I added the blue geometric structures floating in a blue sky but connected to the internal geometric pattern inside the head.